Unburdening Administration & Corporate Travel Management


LookingforBooking Corporate Travel unburdens your financial department. Whenever your employees stay in a hotel they receive all kind of invoices and receipts. Part of our service is that we will handle all the invoices and receipts from the hotels, including taking care of the payments. At the end of the billing period you will receive a single invoice that contains all the hotel expenses for this period. This way you’ll have a clear overview of all the hotel expenses.


Our system creates a single invoice that includes all your hotel stays for a specific billing period. The invoice can be adjusted to your specific needs (for example certain rules or formats). Our invoices include an extensive VAT breakdown by division and/or the total costs, where all the relevant VAT categories have been specified, so that it can be easily processed by your administration department.

Our billing process gives your company some important benefits. First, your company realizes significant cost savings because of the fact that all expenses are directly charged on a single collective invoice. Secondly all reservations have been made within your budget. And last but not least every hotel stay will be charged to LookingforBooking, so your employee doesn’t have to pay directly at the hotel and you don’t have to deal with separate declarations of all kind of receipts and invoices from your employees of their stay in the hotels.


Corporate Travel Management

Up-to-date hotel information is crucial to properly manage your hotel expenses. By facilitating simple online management reports LookingforBooking gives you full control over these expenses. This data enables our clients to review these up-to-date reports and anticipate on upcoming events.

Therefore it is easy to optimize the performance of your hotel expenses according to the principles of ‘effective cost management’.

The content and frequency of these management reports differ per client. It’s possible to adjust the period as well as the content of these reports.

For further inquiries please contact Jessica Mekenkamp. She gladly invites you for lunch with a colleague of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel in a hotel nearby your office.