Car Rental


During your business trip you might need a car to travel around. Our Corporate Travel department can also arrange your car rental, besides the hotels and flights.


Unique price check

Rent your car for the best possible rate with the unique price check of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel. For each and every request our searchengine will perform a price check at many car rental sites and bookingssites. Our searchengine will do this for every request in order to make sure that you always rent your car for the best possible rate.

Our unique price check has all the necesarry search options for example being able to search for all kinds of car types and sizes, starting from the small city cars to full-size vans.


Swift and simple booking process

Through the efficient and fast system of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel you can make a reservation for your car rental in no-time. During the booking process we offer two options:

  1. You can exactly choose the desired car, type and rental company yourself, through your customized reservation portal;
  2. Our full service option gives yout the possibility to send an email to LookingforBooking Corporate Travel with your request. After sending the email one of our experienced travel agents will take care of the booking process. We will prepare several options, including the different terms regarding the cancellation, changes etc. So you can select the exact car you want to rent.



Aside from saving on your car rentals, the services of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel will save you a lot of money and time on handling all the paperwork involved with renting a car.

Your car rental will be paid in advance by LookingforBooking Corporate Travel. So you don’t have to worry about all kind of separate receipts that your financial department has to process one by one. Instead of separate invoices you will receive just one invoice for all your car rentals for a specific period.


Management dashboard

Through an online management dashboard you can check, at any time of the day, all the details and specifics of your car rentals, such as when the car is used or is being used and by which colleague. With this overview you always have a clear view of all the car rentals of your colleagues.


Cancellation and (un)limited mileage

If there are any restrictions or costs to cancellations or changes to the car rental, we will always inform you in advance. Whenever it is possible to change or cancel the reservation at the car rental company without any costs, LookingforBooking Corporate Travel will also not charge anything for the cancellation.

It is possible that a car rental has a limited amount of mileage, we will let you know in advance to make sure you are getting the best option possible.

For further inquiries please contact Jessica Mekenkamp. She gladly invites you for lunch with a colleague of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel in a hotel nearby your office.