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A short history of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel

In 2005 LookingforBooking was founded and at the start it was never our goal to facilitate the hotel bookings for corporate clients. Nevertheless we started LookingforBooking Corporate Travel in 2010.

It started in 2010, when Gerlof Bos, manager of LookingforBooking, was a regular guest in the popular Dutch TV shows from Herman den Blijker. In these shows he assisted hotels with their online marketing activities. He also showed the consumers how to find the best price for a hotel room on the internet. Since that moment companies approached us with the question: how can we save on our hotel costs?   The reason was that these companies discovered that their corporate rates with hotel chains were much higher than the rates they found on the internet. Therefore, LookingforBooking Corporate Travel started to facilitate the bookings for companies and has grown exponentially every year.

With LookingforBooking Corporate Travel our clients save money on every hotel stay. Every company can make their hotel request in a shielded reservation portal and for every request our portal performs a unique price check, in order to get you the best price for every hotel night. This saves our average client around 20% on their hotel expenses.

Furthermore, LookingforBooking Corporate Travel has administrative and logistic benefits. Companies can set a budget for their employees for every hotel night, so they will always stay in a hotel within this set budget.

Another benefit is the combined invoice which contains all the hotel stays per billing period. These collective invoices contain the hotel expenses per employee, division or business unit. So, our clients just receive one simple invoice, instead of loads of separate invoices in all kind of formats.

Not only do companies save with LookingforBooking Corporate Travel, they also get a clear overview of all the hotel stays.

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For further inquiries please contact Jessica Mekenkamp. She gladly invites you for lunch with a colleague of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel in a hotel nearby your office.