Do you need to go abroad for an assigment or meeting? Do you need a flight for your business trip? LookingforBooking Corporate Travel can arrange all your flights. Benefit from the services of LookingforBooking:


Unique price check

wing-partialBook your flights for the best possible rate with the unique price check developed by LookingforBooking Corporate Travel. For every flight our search engine will search for the best rate at several hundred national and international airlines and booking sites. So we can make sure you will always book the flight for you and/or your colleague at the best available rate.

Our unique price check will also search for extra savings on your flights. For example it is possible that two single tickets are cheaper as one return ticket or if there are flights from another airfield in the same region with the same destination but for a lower rate.


Swiftly book your desired flight

Within no-time you can book your desired flight through LookingforBooking Corporate Travel. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Our clients can choose one out of two booking models: you can find and select a flight through your customized flights portal or through our full service travel department, where we will take care of your whole trip. Booking a ticket was never easier.



Aside from saving on your flights, the services of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel will save you a lot of money and time on handling all the paperwork involved with your flights.

You will receive a single invoice which contains all the expenses and details of your flights, instead of receiving all kinds of invoices in different formats for each flight. All the necessary information will be displayed, such as the departure- and arrival times, flight numbers, rates, traveling times, details of the passenger etc. Everything to make sure you have full control over your expenses.


Management dashboard

Through an online management dashboard you can check, at any time of the day, all the details and specifics of your flights, such as the flight details, departure- and arrival times. With this overview you always have a clear view of all the flights of your colleagues.


Cancellation terms

The cancellation terms of your flight depend on the type of ticket that you selected. LookingforBooking Corporate Travel will always notify you in advance what kind of ticket will be booked and what the terms regarding the cancellation/adjustments are. If it is possible to cancel or amend the ticket without any charges from the airline, LookingforBooking Corporate Travel will also not charge any costs for the cancellation.


Strategic advice

We strive to give our clients the best possible service and to actively help them improve their flights policy. Also the feed back from our clients is being used to continuously optimize LookingforBooking Corporate Travel.

For further inquiries please contact Jessica Mekenkamp. She gladly invites you for lunch with a colleague of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel in a hotel nearby your office.