Full service travel

Full service travel booking

When you or your employees are staying in hotels on a regular basis it creates a lot of paperwork, each hotel has its own invoice format and receipts. After which your employees send all these separate receipts to your business administration. This generates a lot of work and creates inefficiency. LookingforBooking Corporate Travel offers your company a full service travel, where the process of booking hotels remains easy, clear and efficient. In short, our full service travel unburdens your company on every level of the reservation process: from booking a hotel till the administrative process. These tasks are performed by our experienced and skilled travel agents of our business travel agency. Below our full service travel summarized in just a few steps:


How does it work?

  • Request hotels worldwide through a customized travel portal.
  • The travel agents of our business travel agency will be taking over the booking process after receiving your request.
  • Our business travel agency ensures that you or/and your colleagues get the right and best price at the required hotel.
  • The invoice of the hotel stay will be send to LookingforBooking Corporate Travel and will be processed by one of our travel agents.
  • After which your company will receive a single invoice with all costs of the hotel stays within a certain period.



  • You don’t ever need to contact hotels for making arrangements about invoicing, room rates, cancellations and reservations.
  • You will never pay too much for a hotel room.
  • No more sorting out and processing hotel invoices.
  • No more separate declarations from employees.
  • In a single overview all the hotel stays and costs.


In short: the full service travel of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel saves a lot of frustration, time and energy when it comes to booking a hotel.

Interested? Please contact LookingforBooking Corporate Travel by calling +31 (0)50 369 5050 or by sending us an e-mail: zakelijk@lookingforbooking.com


For further inquiries please contact Jessica Mekenkamp. She gladly invites you for lunch with a colleague of LookingforBooking Corporate Travel in a hotel nearby your office.